20 Beginner-Friendly Ideas for Laser Cutting

20 Beginner-Friendly Ideas for Laser Cutting


Explore and get inspired by these market favorites! Drawing from Etsy's sales insights, we've assembled a top 20 list of favored Laser Cutter Projects. Using the WIZMAKER L1, we've recreated these in-demand designs.

Storage Box

Keep clutter at bay with a designated box for small toys, especially tiny bits like Lego pieces, ensuring everything stays in one place.


Enhance your reading nook with bespoke shelves. Segregate and display books neatly, making the space inviting and organized.


Wooden Puzzles

Bond over memories on a relaxed day. Turn cherished family photos into jigsaw puzzles for an interactive trip down memory lane with kids.

Leather Wallet Engravings

Elevate the classic wallet gift. Personalize it with a friend's name, adding an unforgettable touch to an otherwise standard present.


Say no to the usual Valentine's gifts. Opt for a customized ring with her name, a gift she'll treasure forever.

Cup Holders

Introduce elegance and organization to your kitchen or dining space with tailored holders.


Acrylic Lights

Radiate tranquillity. Craft ambient lights that become mood setters in your room.


Make morning routines special. Drink from a mug that proudly showcases an engraving personal to you.

Phone Holder

Add convenience to your workspace or bedside with a crafted stand suitable for various devices.

Christmas Decorations

Usher in the festive spirit with personalized ornaments, making your tree stand out.

Pen Holder

Encourage kids to organize their stationery with fun, laser-cut pencil holders.

Mural Decorations

Revamp living spaces. Create wooden artworks or patterns to adorn walls, adding a touch of rustic charm.

World Map Puzzles

Ignite the explorer spirit. Journey across the globe with kids, right from your living room.

Company Nameplate Design

Establish a brand's presence with finesse. Opt for personalized designs that align with company aesthetics.

Pet Name Tags

Combine style with function. Design chic tags that showcase personality while ensuring your pets' safety.

Pet Bowl Holder

Prioritize comfort during your pet's mealtime. Elevate their bowls for a better eating posture.

Wooden Castle

Spark creativity and imagination. Craft a playset that doubles up as a unique decor piece.

Wooden Lamps

Illuminate rooms with character. Design lamps that offer both light and shadow play.

Wooden Photos and Frames

Immortalize moments. Avoid photo degradation by engraving cherished memories onto wood, complemented by a matching frame.

Postcard Designs

Rekindle traditional communication. Send out engraved postcards that are as intricate as the messages they carry.

In summary, laser cutting opens up a world of artistic and functional possibilities, as demonstrated by these 20 inspired ideas. Drawing upon the essence of craftsmanship and technology, these projects provide a gateway to elevate everyday objects into personal masterpieces. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned creator, the laser cutter has something for everyone. Embrace this craft, and you'll find limitless ways to infuse beauty and utility into your life.


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