WIZMAKER Multi-Function Chuck and Roller Rotary for Most Laser Machine

Unlock the full potential of your laser engraver with the WIZMAKER Multi-Function Chuck and Roller Rotary. Its adjustable and stable design allows for versatile use with a wide range of materials. Achieve precision and high playability in your projects with this must-have accessory. Order now!

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The WIZMAKER LT2 laser rotary roller – the ultimate tool for expanding your engraving capabilities!! This innovative 4-in-1 tool comes equipped with three sets of jaws and a roller rotary, allowing you to hold and engrave even the most heteromorphic objects with ease.

Our high-strength aluminum alloy material and high-hardness brass stuck jaws make the WIZMAKER LT2 laser rotary roller a solid and reliable tool that won’t slide or budge during use. And with its large torque motor support, you can achieve high-precision engraving with a carving accuracy of 0.1mm and a maximum carving speed of 6000mm/min.

Adjusting the angle of your workpiece is easy thanks to the WIZMAKER LT2’s 180° angle adjustment feature, making it suitable for a wide range of objects. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use right out of the box – no installation required! Simply connect it to your computer and you’re ready to go. And with its plug-and-play compatibility with popular engraving machines such as xTool, Atezr, Sculpfun, and more, the WIZMAKER LT2 laser rotary roller is a versatile and adaptable tool that can help take your engraving game to the next level.

Whether you’re engraving cylindrical objects like cans, round wooden sticks, or special-shaped objects like mugs with handles or tumblers, the WIZMAKER LT2 laser rotary roller has got you covered. With a range of 1-130mm for cylindrical objects, 4-200mm for balls, and 4-130mm for rings and bracelets, you’ll be able to tackle any engraving project with confidence.



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