WIZMAKER Replacement Filter with 3-Layer Filter Element For Air Purifier


Breathe easier with WIZMAKER AF1 Air Purifier Replacement Filter. Its advanced 3-layer filter element has a 99.5% filtration rate, effectively removing odors and harmful substances from your laser cutting environment. And with its hassle-free replacement process, you’ll have clean air in no time. Protect your health and the environment with WIZMAKER.

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Upgrade your WIZMAKER AP1 air purifier with our specially designed replacement element! Made with a 3-layer filter material that’s perfect for laser cutting, it effectively filters out harmful substances and odors with a filtration rate of 99.5%.

Help protect the environment by using our replacement filter element to eliminate cutting waste gases before they can cause more pollution. Keep the air around you fresh and clean!

Replacing your filter element has never been easier! With just three simple steps, you can replace the filter in just five minutes without having to disassemble the circuit. Keep your air purifier working at its best with our easy-to-install replacement filter element.

Our filter material is made with modified non-woven material for initial filtration, composite electrostatic filter cotton for medium effective filtration, double-layer composite filter cotton for high and super effective filtration, high-iodine activated carbon for extended adsorbent, and composite activated carbon for high effective adsorbent.

The package includes one Atomstack Replaceable Filter for AP1 Air Purifier, so you can keep your workspace safe and fresh for longer!


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