WIZMAKER Honeycomb-Laser Bed with Fixture 381*283mm


Get precise laser cutting with WIZMAKER’s Honeycomb Worktable. Fast heat dissipation, anti-skid fixture fixing, and double desktop protection ensure a smooth carving process. Ideal for CO2, diode, and fiber laser engraving machines.

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Built to last with an all-metal structure: Our honeycomb board is CNC processed with high precision to ensure a flat and strong structure that won’t easily deform or shift during use.

Efficiently dissipates heat: Our honeycomb size is scientifically calculated to promote fast heat dissipation during engraving, leading to sharper cutting edges and preventing damage to your engraved objects.

Secure fixture design: Our fixture is designed to accommodate a range of carving sizes, keeping your objects in place and preventing deformation during engraving.

Convenient measuring: With high-definition and precise scale lines on the X and Y axes, you can easily measure your engraving dimensions for optimal results.

Dual workspace protection: Our WIZMAKER LH1 honeycomb board features an optimized honeycomb height to prevent laser burns on your workspace or desktop. Plus, we’ve included an anti-cutting metal protective backing board to keep your desktop safe from laser damage. It’s perfect for CO2, diode, or fiber laser engraving machines.

Protects your laser module: Our honeycomb board is designed to prevent laser reflection from damaging your laser head during cutting, leading to a longer lifespan for your laser equipment.

Product parameters

Material: high-strength steel
Product size: 380*284*22mm
Diameter of honeycomb network: 8mm
Product net weight: 1.9KG
Cutting pad: SUS304,390*300*0.5mm
Package weight: 2.1KG
Packing size: 420*335*50mm

Packing list

Honeycomb board*1
Magnetic nail*4
Honeycomb board briquetting *4
Cutting pad *1
Manual *1


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