WIZMAKER Set with Fixtures 460*425mm


Achieve better laser cutting results with the innovative Atomstack F3 Matrix Detachable Working Panel Set. Its matrix design allows for easy cleaning and infinite extension, while the anti-skid fixture fixing ensures precision during laser engraving. Compatible with all major laser engraving machine brands.

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The WIZMAKER LP1 Matrix Working Panel Set introduces a cutting-edge and contemporary design that replaces conventional honeycomb panels. Its matrix elements are easily detachable and cleanable, ensuring freedom from oil and impurities.

With an interconnected one-piece structure, the LP1 is adorned with overhanging metal strips arranged sequentially, eliminating the need for additional metal plates at the bottom.

The LP1 guarantees a vast protective area of 460*425mm, ensuring the safety of your workspace.

With an infinitely extendable design, each WIZMAKER LP1 comes with a connector to merge two sets, creating an extended Working Panel Set of 460*850mm.

The LP1’s innovative design allows for an enhanced cutting effect, ensuring that its easy-to-clean structure consistently delivers optimal performance.

Compatible with all laser engraving machine brands on the market, including Ortur, NEJE, xTool, Sculpfun, and others, the WIZMAKER LP1 is your go-to solution for precision laser engraving.


Material: Aluminum alloy
Protection size: 460*425mm
Two F3 splicing area: 460*850mm
Storage size: 470*140*115mm
Net Weight: 1900g


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