Wizmaker L1

Which lase output should i choose? 12W, 24W or 36W?

The Wizmaker L1 models, available in 12W, 24W, and 36W, share the same key specifications such as work area dimension, Laser speed, and machine frame structure design. The primary differences lie in the laser head's spot size and output power. A finer laser spot achieves more intricate engraving effects, while higher laser output power enhances cutting capabilities. For easy comparison, pls refere to below table

L1 12 WL1 24WL1 36W
Laser Spot Size0.06*0.06 mm0.06*0.06mm0.06*0.08mm
Wood Cutting in One Pass10 mm12 mm 18 mm
Black Acrylic Cutting in One Pass5 mm8 mm12 mm